Mats Andersson

Mats is a Swedish financier and asset manager who previously served ten years as CEO of The Fourth National Pension fund (AP4) with AUM of some 40 bn SEK. Under his time as CEO, he turned the fund from being the smallest of the APs to become the clear leader. AP4 was one of the pioneers in terms of mitigating climate change as a wrongly priced risk. During the time at AP4 Mats initiated a number of strategies in order to “decarbonize” the equity portfolio. Mats and AP4 also founded “Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition” in 2015. He gathered more 30 asset owners/managers globally with some 3.5 trillion dollars under management and they all committed to decarbonize approximately 800 bn USD of assets. Mats has also in 2017 chaired a government inquiry on the topic of how to improve the market for green bonds.

Today Mats holds a handful of non-executive directorships and acts as a senior advisor to Rockefeller Foundation, the German Nuclear Decommissioning (KENFO), Tobacco Free Portfolios and has a seat on the evaluation committee of the French OAT. In 2021 Mats was awarded the order of Legion Honor of France.

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