Yasuyuki Kato

Specialized in finance theory and ESG investments. Former chair of the ESG Study Group of Kyoto University and currently serves as GPIF management committee member. Have given advise on ESG investments and corporate ESG / SDGs strategies.

Focusing on quantitative analysis of ESG investments, he published a book of “ESG Investment Research-The Forefront of Theory and Practice-” in 2018. He also served as chairman of the Kyoto University ESG Study Group and advisors to multiple pension funds, being involved in researches and giving advices on ESG investments and corporate ESG / SDGs strategies.

He has served as Director of Systems Science Department at Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., Director of Financial Engineering Research Center Executive Officer at Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. , and Professor of Graduate School of management of Kyoto University. Currently a visiting professor at Kyoto University and a research professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University. In addition, GPIF management committee member, securities analyst journal editorial committee member, money design research institute director, etc. Master of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Doctor of Kyoto University.

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