SDG Impact Japan ESG Finance Award Win

February 20, 2023

ESG Finance Award Win for Next Gen ESG strategy

SDG Impact Japan has received a Special Award in the Asset Manager Category at the Fourth Annual ESG Finance Awards Japan, selected by the Ministry of the Environment for its NextGen ESG Japan strategy’s initiatives.

Promoting ESG Excellence

The ESG Finance Award Japan is designed to further promote and expand ESG finance and improve its quality by recognizing investors, indirect finance, fundraising, financial service, and companies that have actively engaged in ESG finance or environmental and social projects and have made an impact. In the Asset Managers categories, the awards are given to those who consider ESG factors in their asset management and engagement activities, as well as those who implement such activities with the intention of creating an impact.

NextGen ESG strategy

Our flagship NextGen ESG Strategy prioritizes investment into companies that link ESG factors directly to their core business, and drive financial performance. The NextGen ESG strategy is aligned with the policy of SFDR Article 9, and it is distinguished by deep and rigorous engagement with portfolio companies, and the creation of real, tangible ESG and financial outcomes.  Encouraged by this award, we plan to expand our range of ESG strategies, help companies towards a sustainable transition – and to shift how investment is done.

A clear vision for ESG engagement

SDG Impact Japan was highly evaluated by the Select Committee for its efforts based on a clear vision, including the promotion of an ESG engagement fund compliant with SFDR Article 9 that focuses on Japanese small-mid cap stocks, which are considered to have significant room for improvement in future disclosure and responses from an ESG perspective. Although the actual volume and scale of the fund in Japan are still small, it was selected for a special award because of its promising future development.

Mari Kogiso, Co-CEO, commented:

“We are surprised and honored to receive such a prestigious award, even though NextGen ESG Japan Strategy was established less than a year ago. SDG Impact Japan was founded with the aim of achieving both social and financial value. We realize that the promotion of ESG is not merely a cost, but is definitely linked to the enhancement of corporate value. In addition, the strategy aims to create positive impacts such as CO2 reduction and gender equality, and we intend to contribute to society by ensuring the creation of impact through our engagement.”

Sasja Beslik, Chief Investment Strategy Officer (CISO), also commented on the award win:

“We are humbled and honoured by this award. Our next generation ESG strategies are focusing on achieving tangible financial and ESG results. Everything we do is about radical change we aim to create through our investments in transformative businesses. We know it is not easy, and we know it takes time, and that is the reason why we choose to do it. NextGen ESG Japan Strategy is all about that”

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Wataru Baba
Managing Partner

Senior Fellow, Climate and Sustainability at Panasonic Group since 2022, where he accelerated the company’s growth through an integrated strategy for creating positive impact on climate change and established Sustainability Committee, chaired by the Group CEO. Board Member of Japan Professional Football League (J.League) and Independent Director for a civic technology nonprofit, Code for Japan, and a web3 startup, Financie, Inc